Wrestle Jitsu Course by Vladislav Koulikov

Wrestle Jitsu Course by Vladislav Koulikov

Everyone knows how effective the "original martial art" of wrestling is. It's proven in schools around the world on a daily basis. While wrestling is known for its top control, Jiu-Jitsu is better known for moves on the back. Combine wrestling and jiu-jitsu and you have perhaps the most effective ground fighting system around.

Vlad Koiulikov is no stranger to combining fighting styles. He's a master of sport in Sambo, has black belts in Judo and BJJ, and has plenty of experience competing in gi, nogi and mma.

With over 30 lessons on this instructional series, you'll learn reversals, joint locks, chokes, and more. From leglocks, to vladles, from rolling kneebars to deli slicers, this is the instructional to get if you want to surprise your training partners or opponents with moves they won't see coming.

1 Intro
2 Dish Rag
3 Vladle to Hamstring Stretch
4 Vladle to Darce
5 Vladle to Calf Slicer
6 Leg Cradle to Arm Locks
7 Near Side Cradle to Crucifix
8 Cradle to Deli Slicer
9 Far Side Cradle to Knee Bar
10 Banana Split Cradle
11 Rolling Knee Bar Cradle
12 1/4 Nelson
13 Far Knee Far Ankle Turn
14 Spiral Ride to Crab Ride
15 Impaler
16 Farmaconda
17 Switch Off Near Guard Pass
18 Spladle to Knee Bar
19 Funk Roll
20 Front Headlock Escape
21 Flipping the Truck
22 Peruvian Nelson
23 Wrist Control to Arm Bar
24 Zangief Roll to Baratoplata
25 Shuck to Arm Triangle
26 Sumi Gaeshi to Darce
27 Rolling Omoplata vs SLT
28 Jumping Triangle
29 Duck Under to Rolling Leg Drag
30 Duck Under to 50/50 Heel Hook
31 Wrestle Jitsu in Action

About Vladislav Koulikov:
Vladislav Koulikov is a renowned Sambo practitioner, and teacher. An expert martial artist, Vlad holds the rank of “Master of Sport” in Sambo, along with black belts in Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Vlad’s success is impart due to his open-minded philosophy which he calls “Sambo Fusion”, blending what works best from Sambo and Jiu Jitsu. As a youth, Vlad trained at the prestigious Sambo-70 Academy in Moscow, Russia and now teaches out of New Jersey.

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Wrestle Jitsu Course by Vladislav Koulikov