The Wristlock Seminar with Tony Cecchine

The Wristlock Seminar with Tony Cecchine

The new generation calls it a Kimura. The old timers called it by a simple word: wristlock. Simple word, yes, but do not let its simplicity fool you. Because underneath that facade is the most effective submission…check that, HOOK, that can be done to someone’s arm. Take that to the bank.

Let me tell you something. The first submission I was ever taught was the top wristlock. The BJJ group calls it among other things, the Americana. Why? Because the American “Pro Wrestlers” used the show or working version of this lock. To be clear, being a show or working hold is NOT a good thing. However, the hold caught fire. Many judo/jj guys had an exposure to it as well, albeit in its less effective fashion.

I can tell you this. The wristlock family is like an actual family to me. I made a vow when I was 13 to be the best in the world at these holds. Now whether or not I’ve reached that goal is not for me to say. But I can say this, I’m not impressed in the least by how I see people trying to do the hold. They are simply missing the most crucial elements needed. But that doesn’t surprise me. They didn’t have the instructor I had.

Ask yourself something.

What if you were told that you could be shown one hold, one very powerful and effective hold, that could destroy 3 anatomical structures at once. Sound impossible? Maybe to some who cannot grasp the devastation that a hook can invoke. But rest assured, it is not only possible, but done all the time by yours truly.

If you want to learn to be the most menacing armbar specialist, then you MUST get this instructional and start your exposure to what separates me and what I teach, from anyone else alive.

What EXACTLY am I talking about?

Look, if you’re into MMA and submission grappling sports you’ll learn some techniques, but rarely do you see them pulled off in elite competition. There are a few reasons why, but the underlining cause is most folks are being taught an ineffective, at times theatrical, non-optimized version of the hold. They’re not learning to seriously cripple someone. For God’s sake, the Ju in Judo and Jiu Jitsu means GENTLE. Listen, if you want gentle then I suggest you go play with a puppy and not stay on my website. What I learned and what I teach is the essence of brutality. I’m talking about taking a top wristlock and popping his elbow, tearing his rotator cuff, and breaking his collarbone, all in one fell swoop. This is what makes what I teach so powerful and dangerous. If this is too severe for you, go to the other guys. Their stuff is more civilized.

A Bit Of My Story

The first hold my coach ever did to me was a stopper toe hold. That convinced me to learn everything I could from him. The first submission he ever taught me was the top wristlock. That’s all it took for me to be “hooked” for life. The idea that something that looked so simple, that seemed so mundane could make a grown man scream, could make his arm wither from injury, and to simply put an end to an aggressive confrontation, overwhelmed me.

My life would never be the same since that day when I was 13 years old. Submissions of all sorts captivated me. As I grew older and mingled with other “submission” people, I was surprised to see that their holds were far inferior. They lacked the “knockout punch” power. They simply weren’t rooted in an exact science. The Pro Wrestling crap of watered down moves took root. And it spread to the martial arts community as well. It is still there to this day.

Well the real techniques have been exposed to the world. And I will continue to expose them as long as I am physically able. And hopefully in time it will washout all the crud that is being passed off as legitimate. But until that time, YOU can take advantage of others who are asleep at the wheel.

This Seminar

I did this seminar several years ago in Ohio. I was a crippled mess. My back went out and I was concerned I wouldn’t even make the drive. It was a painful experience. But the beauty of the technical superiority of American Catch Wrestling came to my rescue. Because I utilized pure technique and no “strength or power” like other people do. Heck, I could barely move let alone overpower someone. The seminar was a great success and it showed SOME of the devastation this hold can produce.

The way I teach and implement submissions makes the other person WEAKER. In conjunction, it makes you seem so powerful and strong. The reason being is that I use the highest aspect of leverage, physics, and science. The whole point of what I do is to DESTROY people in a reality, life/death situation. If I only want to hurt you, I’ll call you names. But if I put my hands on you, your plans for the evening better include a trip to the hospital. And what I can do, you can do. I’m here to help you every step of the way.

Here are SOME of the techniques that I cover on this video (I’m leaving out some NICE surprises)

The Top Wristlock. My favorite upper limb submission
The Double Wristlock. It’s not a Kimura. It’s been done by Catch Wrestlers long before he was even born.
The principle of the so-called “twist” and why it’s much, much more than you could ever imagine.
The REAL keylock. Another modern day misnamed, misapplied hold. But I show you the correct way to apply it.
Angles. One way to make yourself appear to have the strength of a gorilla
Oh there’s a surprise leg lock move that I’m not revealing here.
Plus a few more golden moments

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The Wristlock Seminar with Tony Cecchine