The Routine by Tony Cecchine

The Routine by Tony Cecchine

If you are truly interested in being the type of guy or girl who can run any and all competition into the ground, and do it time and time again, you must and I mean MUST, learn how to do it the right way. Now is your chance! For the first time ever, I’m letting the public in on the true keys to maximum fighting endurance. Filmed on location at Chicago’s infamous “Tool and Die Shop”, where the resurgence of Catch Wrestling took root, The Routine shows you exactly what you need to do and in exactly the way you need to do it. I’ve taken all of the guess-work out and created an “A,B,C and 1,2,3” course that will catapult your fighting fitness immediately to previously unknown heights, head to toe.

The Routine is specifically designed to create a synergistic effect, meaning everything works together to compliment everything else. Some of the exercises you may have seen, many you will not have, but I can PROMISE that when you put it all together in the way shown, you’ll be blown away with the results!

No need to purchase extra equipment, either. Just bring your sweat and bring your guts, and I’ll do the rest! A word of caution though: this is not a glitz and glamour production. If you are offended by salty language and real training conditions, this video isn’t for you. But, if you really want a body that will not let you down, this is your first, last and best stop on the road to real fighting fitness. You can take that to the bank. The exercises run the gamut from cardio to strength, all synergistically designed to build upon themselves. You’ll get an amazing upper body as well as lower body workout, covering everything from your neck, to your grip; from your back to your feet. I know fitness. Here is a sample of some of the things I’ve been able to accomplish:

What is fitness?

I’m sure if you ask a dozen fitness instructors you’ll get a dozen different answers. For me, I breakdown fitness into simple categories.

Muscular strength:

The ability to demonstrate the limits of your muscular ability through lifting, pulling, pushing, etc. Some examples are lifting weight overhead, pulling heavy objects, bending, twisting, and manipulating objects, etc.

Muscular endurance:

Using your muscles in a repetitive situation. Some examples are doing push-ups for high reps, lifting weights for high reps, walking great distances, etc.

Cardiovascular Explosiveness and Endurance:

This is where you have great energy levels. It allows you to be an “energizer bunny” so to speak. It can be broken into sub-categories such as burst energy or endurance. Some examples are sprinting, running great distances, biking to extremes, jumping, etc.

For muscular strength, NOTHING beats a proper progressive resistance program such as lifting weights. Do not be fooled and lied to by folks who say that lifting weights is bad, ineffective, and other such nonsense. Weight training is universally recognized as the foundation for all athletic endeavors. See my Worth The Weight DVD for more information.

For cardiovascular explosiveness and endurance, you need a program tailored to specifically target you heart and lungs. But more than a mere increase in heart rate, you need a program that can target all other areas as well….get the heart rate up….keep it up….and delve even deep. Such a program is famed Lucky 13.

For muscular endurance, both bodyweight and weights can be an excellent source to help you make improvements. The key however, is balance. You must not run the risk of over-training which sadly happens to a lot of people. Also, injury risk is greater because of the excess repetitions one encounters. This brings us to the Routine video.

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The Routine by Tony Cecchine