The Lucky 13 by Tony Cecchine

The Lucky 13 by Tony Cecchine

Tony Cecchine here. I’d like to ask you a few questions before we go any further.

Have you ever been beaten in the gym or competition by someone you absolutely knew you were better than?
Did you feel you had the strength to handle him but for some reason you just couldn’t seem to “pull the trigger”?
Were you sweating profusely and gasping for air making excuses why you ran out of gas?
The reason I am asking you those three questions is because in my over 20 years as a coach, I have seen and been told those scenarios more times than I can count. And the sad thing is, I shouldn’t have to hear those tales at all because there is a simple solution. But before I tell you just what you can do, allow me to give you this this:

What If You Could Get World Class Training Right Where You Are?

Do NOT become another story of someone who failed and did not live up to their potential.
Do NOT rely on a crazy internet hyped exercise program that has absolutely nothing to do with getting you into FIGHTING SHAPE.
Do NOT ignore a proven effective routine by someone who actually is part of both the strength world AND the fighting world
I don’t want to sound all doom and gloom. Really, there is no reason for that at all because I actually have some good news for you in a moment. If you are a competitive fighter or if you need to defend yourself in a real-world scenario, the last thing you can suffer is a mechanical breakdown. Your competitive career or your life could be at stake. That is not hyperbole, that is a simple FACT.

You know, there seems to be as many exercise programs out there now as there are martial arts styles. Some of the programs may be very good as a standalone routine. But just what do they do to make you a better fighter? Pushing an automobile as part of your training is probably a good idea if you’re a tow truck driver. Flipping tires is probably another great exercise technique, especially if you work at Goodyear. Let’s get one thing perfectly clear. Exercises of those types might make you stronger and may even make you a good competitor in a strongman contest, but they simply are not going to enhance your ability as a fighter.

You need a fitness routine that’s sole purpose is to take you to an elite level as a combat athlete and/or self-defense practitioner.

That’s right! The key to lifelong health, strength, vitality, and endurance are contained in this goldmine DVD product. I cannot begin to tell you how many people have been positively affected by the Lucky 13 program. Everyday I receive emails from people who have taken their fitness level to undreamed of heights. Why? Because this program is MUCH MORE than squats, pushups, and the like. This program is designed to give you the energy and fitness of a champion. It separates the men from the boys. It teaches you to push yourself and reap the rewards. Its whole premise is to train you from the “inside out.” It literally gives you the energy you had as a child, only no one in the schoolyard ever had this kind of fitness!! Each and every one of these exercises are designed to increase your fighting ability. They take advantage of synergy. That means the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

In a nutshell, here are just some of the benefits derived from study of the Lucky 13:

Limitless Energy: Have the endurance to do tasks all day long. No more running out of gas.
Power-filled Lungs: Develop lung power by learning to control your breathing and stretching to the limit the outer reaches of your cardiovascular threshold.
Tireless Legs: Turn your legs into mighty oak trees. I’m not talking about just endurance here. I’m talking about speed, strength, elasticity, power, and explosiveness.
Powerful Mind: This will change you from an “I think I can”, to a “Been there done that.” You cannot help but develop a tremendous mind by accomplishing what others may think is impossible.
Super Confidence: You will literally look at all future challenges with a smirk of confidence because Lucky 13 will have taught you that with proper guidance, you can reach, conquer, and establish!
Let’s talk turkey here for a minute. There are a lot of buzzwords that are popular in the world today. There are a lot of fancy, made-up words as well, that are usually started by people who are trying to reinvent the wheel. But let me talk in the most basic, fundamental of terms. After all, I am a meat and potatoes kind of guy.

What is fitness?

I’m sure if you ask a dozen fitness instructors you’ll get a dozen different answers. For me, I breakdown fitness into simple categories.

Muscular strength:

The ability to demonstrate the limits of your muscular ability through lifting, pulling, pushing, etc. Some examples are lifting weight overhead, pulling heavy objects, bending, twisting, and manipulating objects, etc.

Muscular endurance:

Using your muscles in a repetitive situation. Some examples are doing push-ups for high reps, lifting weights for high reps, walking great distances, etc.

Cardiovascular Explosiveness and Endurance:

This is where you have great energy levels. It allows you to be an “energizer bunny” so to speak. It can be broken into sub-categories such as burst energy or endurance. Some examples are sprinting, running great distances, biking to extremes, jumping, etc.

For muscular strength, NOTHING beats a proper progressive resistance program such as lifting weights. Do not be fooled and lied to by folks who say that lifting weights is bad, ineffective, and other such nonsense. Weight training is universally recognized as the foundation for all athletic endeavors. See my Worth The Weight DVD for more information.

For muscular endurance, both bodyweight and weights can be an excellent source to help you make improvements. The key however, is balance. You must not run the risk of over-training which sadly happens to a lot of people. Also, injury risk is greater because of the excess repetitions one encounters. For a detailed program to take your muscular endurance to undreamed of heights please check out my Routine DVD. For cardiovascular explosiveness and endurance…….do you feel Lucky?

Getting in shape and staying in shape is more than just eating right and doing the exercises. It has to be a lifestyle change. Without that happening, you are more prone to go back to your old ways. You want to continually fight this battle? And if you’re amateur or professional fighter, you have a smaller window of time to reach your pinnacle. Do not waste it on any exercise, structure, diet, or regimen that will not directly augment your abilities as a competitor.

13 Core Exercises To Fantastic Fitness

This DVD is called the Lucky 13 for a reason. Well, actually 13 reasons. It is designed around 13 core exercises (most of which you don’t need equipment for) that are built upon each other. There are two of my students performing on this DVD. One of my students is going through the whole routine nonstop. The other student starting and stopping randomly. This was done on purpose to show you how you can follow along even though your fitness level may not be high enough. With consistent and proper practice and dedication, you can become one of the lucky ones to have mastered the Lucky 13.

This is an open ended exercise program. Meaning, that you can continually improve no matter how long you work at. Run faster, jump higher, give out more effort….You will get out of this what you put into it. And at the end of it all, you will have world-class fitness.

Reap these terrific benefits
Increase your quickness
Improve your speed
Magnify your explosiveness
Quadruple your stamina
Shorten your recovery time period
Enhance overall body fighting strength
Develop the mind power to know that you can achieve
Plus much more….

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The Lucky 13 by Tony Cecchine