The Lockdown System by Brent Littell

The Lockdown System by Brent Littell

You feel his shoulder press into your jaw; it’s like the the weight of a thousand men. You squeeze your legs as tight as you can, but you feel his ankle and then his toes slipping out from between them. You give one last buck, but it’s too late. He has passed your half guard and is one step away from finishing you. You are demoralized, out of breath, and still panicking. You want to give up. Don’t!!!!!!!

There’s a half guard system out there which has proven to work against the best practitioners in the world on the biggest stages in the world. It’s a step by step guide which helps you identify the situation, improve your positioning, and attack your opponent from the bottom. With it, you no longer fear the half guard, you to try to get there. You let people pass into it, instead of fight them tooth and nail to avoid it. It’s the lockdown system.

In this instructional, Brent Littell, walks you through the lockdown system from the ground up. He shows details that make the lockdown system work for anyone, including you. Brent was the first ever fundamentals instructor at 10th planet headquarters. He has the most experience in the world at teaching this system, and he knows what it takes to make it work. Don’t let one more person pass your half guard.


1) Intro
2) How it Works
3) Lockdown
4) Godfather
5) The Stomp
6) The Half & Half
7) Bump to Underhook
8) Scrima
9) Default Sweep
10) Plan B
11) Limp Arm
12) Reverse Half Guard
13) Old School
14) Middle School
15) Electric Chair
16) Electric Chair Sweep
17) Vaporizer

About the instructor:

Brent Littell has the unique distinction of being one of only people in the world to have black belts in both gi and no gi jiu jitsu. He was the sixth person ever to receive his black belt in no gi bjj from Eddie Bravo, and he was the first person ever to receive his black belt in gi from Gracie Barra after holding rank as a black belt in no gi. Brent has extensive instructing experience and has taught in some of the most hallowed bjj institutions in the world. He was Tenth planet’s first ever fundamentals instructor at their headquarters in Hollywood, California, was an instructor at the headquarters for Gracie Barra, and now is owner and instructor of Ribeiro Jiu-jitsu Yorba Linda. His knowledge of both gi and no gi jiu jitsu, as well as his amazing teaching style, makes him one of the most sought out bjj teachers around. He has worked with everyone from beginners in the sport to UFC fighters to world champions. His teaching style makes complex concepts accessible to all. This is a great opportunity to learn from one of the best.

The Lockdown System by Brent Littell