The Leg Strangler with Mike Bidwell

The Leg Strangler with Mike Bidwell

Every great trilogy has a finale that blows the mind.

First there was the HEADHUNTER…

then came the BONEBREAKER…

Now get ready to unleash your longest, strongest weapons with the LEG STRANGLER!

Master the Ultimate set of weapons: your legs!

This program has all the wizardry you’d expect from the Spider Ninja but with basic concepts that anyone, even beginners can pick up.

Everything is explained in simple steps that are easily translatable.

Each move is filmed with multiple angles, slow motion and the highest quality video so you don’t miss a single detail.

You’ll propel your success with our special stretching and drill section. You get all the building blocks and support tools to catapult your learning.

-Dive into the most technical, comprehensive leg choking system ever created.
-This complete strangulation system is filled with creative chokes, drills, stretches and dozens of lethal attacks using the lower limbs.
-You’ll become the most dangerous ninja on the mats when you activate your new set of weapons!
-We didn’t just stop at chokes either… There’s tons of crafty joint-locks, traps and submissions using the legs.
-We’ve included tons of no-gi moves, collar chokes, stuff for MMA, tournaments…
-This thing is loaded with NEVER BEFORE SEEN submissions!
-Enjoy clear, concise easy-to-follow instruction - Perfect for all levels. Includes the fundamentals of each attack plus advanced set-ups and details.

Get this today before someone gets this on you tomorrow!

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The Leg Strangler with Mike Bidwell