The Lasso Guard by Samir Chantre

The Lasso Guard by Samir Chantre

With all of the different grips, guards, and positions of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, it's enough to confuse not only the beginner, but even an advanced student as well. One of the most detailed guards is the LASSO GUARD and all of its variations. Never before has an instructor broken down an entire lasso guard system like 9 time American National champion Samir Chantre does in this instructional.

Through Samir's instruction, you will get a thorough overview of the basic lasso, the spider lasso, the lasso with lapel grip, lasso de la riva, lasso half guard, and lasso x-guard.

These lasso guards have been a staple of Samir's jiu-jitsu since he was a blue belt. Get the benefit of his many years of training, competing, and teaching with this 32 chapter lasso guard instructional.

Chapters include:
1 Intro
Lasso Only
2 Wrist lock
3 Basic Sweep
4 Inverted Armbar against sweep defense
5 Basic sweep no leg grip
6 Triangle spinning under
7 Omoplata spinning under
8 Basic sweep against standing opponent
9 Basic sweep to knee bar
10 Bicep slicer spinning under

Spider Lasso
11 Triangle
12 Omoplata
13 Reverse de la Lasso sweep 1
14 Reverse de la Lasso sweep 2
15 Reverse de la Lasso sweep 3
16 Spider Lasso Scissor Sweep
17 De la Lasso Sweep
18 Shin Hook Omoplata
19 Shin Hook Triangle

Leg lasso and hand on the lapel
20 Climbing omoplata
21 Climbing Kimura
22 Triangle
23 Tri shoulder lock

Leg lasso de la riva
24 Sweep overhead
25 Sweep forwar
26 Pull back Berimbolo

Leg lasso and half guard
27 Basic sweep
28 Basic sweep no leg grip

Leg lasso and x guard
29 Technical stand up
30 Sweeping backwards
31 Sweep to leg drag
32 Outro

The Lasso Guard by Samir Chantre