The Circuit Breaker by Tony Cecchine

The Circuit Breaker by Tony Cecchine

Beyond the Lucky 13….that’s all that needs to be said! The Lucky 13 is considered one of the finest and most grueling workout video available anywhere in the world. The Circuit Breaker takes it a step further. This is circuit training at an intense level. And it picks up where The Lucky 13 left off.

Become a Legend In The Making…

This fitness program is based on the theory of using a circuit. Where this varies from all other programs is that it builds off of the Lucky 13 and is nonstop intensity. Just like the Lucky 13, you can work out along with this instructional at your own pace. Its exercises are meant to be done in sequence to reap the desired results.

Do I Need To Be In Great Shape?

The value of having great conditioning cannot be understated. Like Vince Lombardi said, “fatigue makes cowards of us all”. And he was exactly right. Great men have wilted because they ran out of gas in their tank. You cannot afford to have that happen to you be it in competition, or on the street. No matter what your current level of fitness is, my instructionals are designed for you to follow along AT YOUR OWN PACE. Pay close attention to the details, the application of form and technique. Actually study the video material before you embark on this fantastic program.

Be aware of these WARNING SIGNS:

Are You out Of Shape?
Difficulty in breathing and/or shortness of breath from doing mundane activities
Muscular weakness and pain sensitivity
Chronic fatigue, poor energy levels, lack of desire, low vitality
Frequent mood swings that aren’t hormonal related
Poor sleeping habits that cannot be attributed to psychological events
Chronic health problems
Those are some of the symptoms of being out of shape. of course, you should always be checked and diagnosed by a competent medical professional.

Ask yourself this simple question: Do I feel I have reached my full potential, or can I honestly take it to another level?

So if you’re ready to be a complete fitness beast, get a hold of this video and let’s get started working towards that goal.

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The Circuit Breaker by Tony Cecchine