The BJJ Guard By Olivier Michailesco

The BJJ Guard By Olivier Michailesco

Discover a unique collection dedicated to the Brazilian martial art. Each master and expert detail their specialty through a series of instructional videos, shot on a black ground and a black background for optimum visibility of all movements.

This video covers advanced techniques. The "firefighter guard" is a made-up term (for this video) only to define a mixed position between the butterfly position, the half guard, a "De la riva" hooking the leg inside, and also for some, a "single leg” work.

Often working in this position, it seemed fun to call it this way because working this position is akin to playing with fire. I propose a multi-directional work with different grips adapted to this guard, as well as some techniques when the opponent manages to pass your guard.

In memory of my teacher and friend Master Christian Derval.

Olivier Michailescu:
- 5th in the Coppa del Mondo, purple belt in Brazil.
- 5th at the World Cup in Brazil, brown belt.
- 3rd at the European Championship Master 1, in Lisbon (Portugal) in 2012.
- Champion of France (Ne Waza) 2012.
- 3rd degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since January 2012, awarded by GM Flavio Behring, 9th Degree, and Master Christian Derval, 4th Degree.
- 2nd Dan Black Belt in Judo since 2009, Certified national instructor in Ne-Waza (the ground part in Judo) by the French Federation of Judo.

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The BJJ Guard By Olivier Michailesco