The 411 Leglock Instructional with Alan Shade

The 411 Leglock Instructional with Alan Shade

Roy Dean black belt Alan Shade shows you everything you need to know in this must have guide to the 411, the most powerful leg lock position in jiu jitsu today.

Over 20 years ago, Professor Roy Harris pioneered the use of foot locks in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and taught it as a critical submission skill to his student, Roy Dean. Now Dean's black belt Alan Shade, motivated out of necessity by a broken jaw and a lengthy reconstruction, has delved deeply into the realm of controlling and submitting the lower body.

This extended study allowed him to place his own creative signature on the art, and now you too can learn the essential movements, entries, and technique combinations to revolutionize your leg lock game.

Complete as a stand alone guide, and a perfect compliment to the works of leg lock specialists John Danaher and Craig Jones, The 411 Leg Lock Instructional is a key resource for the modern jiu jitsu era.

Chapter List:

The 411: Opening Sequence
Meet Your Instructor: Alan Shade
What is the 411?
4 Concepts
Straight Ankle Lock
Clover Leaf
The Toe Hold
Kneebar from 411
Inside Heel Hook
Fishing Toe Hold
Toe Control
The Reaper
Reaper Control to Heel Hook
Overcoming A Simple Defense
Seated Imanari Roll
Hand Drag to Imanari
Standing Imanari Roll
Leg Drag to 411
Butterfly Guard to 411
Knee Slice to 411
Butterfly Sweep to 411
Rolling to 411
Single Leg X Entry
Reverse X to 411
X Guard to 411
Leg Scissors Entry
Single Leg to Kneebar
Dismount to 411
Inside Control Drill
Footlock Positional Flow Drill
Closing Credits

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The 411 Leglock Instructional with Alan Shade