Thai Boxing Vol 5 France VS Thailand

Thai Boxing Vol 5 France VS Thailand

Breathtaking Fights!

When France and Thailand fight one another in Muay Thai, the result is fantastic fighting.
This event took place in Aubagne, in Southern France, and was no exception.
Moreover, when a current Lumpinee Champion is there, and this Champion’s name is Chok Dee POR PRAMUK, what you watch is high quality fighting and the opponent should beware...

During this meeting between France and Thailand, Olivier TCHETCHE, one of the French Muay Thai rookies, faces Eak UBON. TCHETCHE is to show great talent and will make the confrontation hot for the Thai fighter. On the other hand, it is no picnic for Krim HAMITECHE against JAIPET.

M’BAYE and NUNGPICHIT know each other very well and they like fighting together on the ring. Their fights are always most balanced. The fight between Eddy SABAN and SITTICHOCK is rather explosive, EDDY SABAN shows an impressive knock out.
At last, Moussa KONATE and TAWEESAB SITSANARUN (ranked 5th in Thailand) go at it in a very close fight which, unfortunately, was cut short because of an incident. And cherry on top, a clear and precise knock out by Chok Dee POR PRAMUK onto poor Marco RODRIGUES.

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Thai Boxing Vol 5 France VS Thailand