Taking it to the Feet with Tony Cecchine

Taking it to the Feet with Tony Cecchine

If you're a striker, this series is critical for you. It will show you how to keep the skills you've spent years developing by allowing you to decide when and where the altitude of the confrontation transpire. This series delves beyond wrestling. In it we show:

The secret to slipping punches. It makes no sense to lunge or back peddle. learn to slip and be in position to charge your opponent with strikes or takedowns

Catching punches. No it's not a mystical Kung-Fu theatre trick. It can turn you into a fearsome adversary with an iron-clad defense

Circular and diagonal footwork drills that develop instincts of defense. Learn to always be prepared no matter what your angulation may be

Specific sensitivity training. Learn to broaden your focus and awareness with one simple drill

The Secret Is Out

There's really only one right way to develop true technique. That is to learn inside and out, body mechanics FROM YOUR FEET FIRST. We are bipeds. Walking is one of the first skills we learn. Deprogram yourself from thinking on in the horizontal. When you learn to control yourself first, then controlling your opponent becomes easy. That cannot be truly accomplished unless you develop well-rounded technique.

This is a two part series set that covers nearly two full hours of drills, exercises, techniques, and insight that will elevate your level regardless of your current status. Techniques alone are only a part of the puzzle. You need specific drills to enhance and augment those techniques. That's why I'm confident you will be pleased with our latest effort. I know I am very proud of this set and the work that Bruce and I have put in to share with you all our experiences.

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Taking it to the Feet with Tony Cecchine