Tai Chi For Women Helen Liang

Tai Chi For Women Helen Liang

Improve Your Health with Tai Chi

Tai Chi for Women is a simple follow-along workout for beginners. Using exercises that target women’s most common health issues, Master Helen shows you how to stay healthy, flexible, and youthful at any age.

You will learn natural ways to relieve stress, improve your balance, feel energetic, and strengthen your bones. Tai chi uses low-impact moves to stimulate your circulation and cardiovascular system, and can be used to relieve arthritis. The gentle stretching and deep breathing within tai chi help you to feel calm and relaxed

Easy-to-follow step-by-step instruction
Mirror view demonstrations from side to side
Effective ways to heal and prevent the most common ailments
Tai Chi for Women will empower you to lead a healthier and more balanced life.


Relaxation Warm Up
Energy Exercises
Tai Chi Stepping Exercises
Tai Chi Form Instruction
Tai Chi Form - Front View
Tai Chi Form - Rear View
Keys to Success
Follow-along Workout

Follow-along Workout is a DVD chapter you can use after you’ve watched the whole video lesson a few times. You can instantly practice the follow along exercises with Master Helen, and skip the more detailed instructions when you have limited time.

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Tai Chi For Women Helen Liang