Systema Spetsnaz 8 Takedowns by Vadim Starov

Systema Spetsnaz 8 Takedowns by Vadim Starov

- Takedowns are extremely powerful elements of any hand to hand combat.

- Watch this Systema Spetsnaz video and learn effective and adaptable takedown techniques for any martial art style or combat system.

- Gain knowledge in the efficiency of levers, pivot point, 3 plane concept, footwork and use of body weight transfer in reality-based self-defense training.

- Learn how to disable an opponent’s movements by applying various joint locks & pressure points.

- Watch this martial arts video and sharpen your hand-to-hand combat techniques!


1. Footwork in hand to hand combat
2. Locking an opponent’s degrees of freedom and controlling the opponent's movements
3. Finger locks and takedowns
4. Wrist locks and takedowns
5. Elbow Locks and takedowns
6. Pressure points, pivot points and levers applications
7. Using a body weight transfer for easy takedowns
8. Psychological manipulation and basic principles of no-contact combat

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Systema Spetsnaz 8 Takedowns by Vadim Starov