Sweep Dreams by Jeff Glover

Sweep Dreams by Jeff Glover

One of America's most innovative grapplers is back! After laying out his deep half guard, darce choke, & leglock series, now Jeff is ready to share his highest percentage sweeps. Jeff has used these sweeps in tournaments all over the globe - from the world championships in California, the ADCC world Nogi championship in England, to the GI tournament in Japan, Jeff has proven these techniques countless times and now it's time to make them part of your game!

In simple, easy to understand terms, Jeff teaches all of the important details on how to sweep your opponent from: closed guard, half guard, butterfly guard, DLR & RDLR guards, his unique donkey guard, and finally, how to use footlocks to set up sweeps.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, Jeff has something for everyone in this set.

0 Intro

Closed guard
1 Double ankle sweep
2 Tomoenage
3 Half lumberjack
4 Underhook backroll

Pendulum sweeps
5 2 on 1
6 Double unders
7 Arm drag
8 Off of the back

Half guard
9 Knee tap
10 Limp arm to back
11 Whizzer defuser
12 Dip set

Hook Sweeps
13 Bottom mount
14 Bottom side mount
15 Bottom half guard
16 Sitting up guard
17 Closed guard

Donkey guard
18 For positioning
19 For submissions

20 DLR Tripod
21 DLR to X technical stand up
22 DLR to 50/50
23 RDLR tripod
24 RDLR to Backside X

Foot Attack Sweeps
25 To single leg X
26 Imanari 50/50
27 Single leg to 5050
28 Outside single to single leg X
29 Outro

Sweep Dreams by Jeff Glover