Submission Master by Yoshiaki Fujiwara

Submission Master by Yoshiaki Fujiwara

Karl Gotch calls him his best student. He was the training partner of Satoru Sayama (SHOOTO founder), Nobuhiko Takada (Takada Dojo founder), Akira Maeda (Fighting Network RINGS founder), Antonio Inoki (the professional wrestler that fought Muhammad Ali), and also trained and assisted in the training of Minoru Suzuki, Masakatsu Funaki, Ken Wayne Shamrock, and many others.
This is his instructional, long out of print and referred to as "The Holy Grail of Catch Wrestling", brought back in its entirety IN THE ORIGINAL JAPANESE (no translations or subtitles).

Contents of Videos 1 & 2:

Leg I
-Applying shin locks with the elbows and knees
-Inside and outside achilles locks (from standing and the ground)
-Transition to heel hook
-Simple escapes and reversals
-The near side inside toe-hold

-Hindu squats, fully demonstrated from multiple angles.
-Jump squats

Leg II
-Transitions from shinlock with the elbow to toe holds
-Step-over toe-hold variations
-Rough & tumble and gouging set-ups for toe-holds
-Toe-hold variations when someone has your back with hooks in.
-A clever set-up to a toe-hold from the side-double wristlock (this one is nasty!)
-Toe-holds from leg rides
-Introduction to knee bars
-a BRUTAL reverse banana-split submission

-Hindu push-ups
-Twisting push-ups
-Scorpian push-ups
-Diamond push-ups
-Chair exercises

Arms I
-Brief overview of the bio-mechanics of the arm joint.
-The proper way to apply the bread & butter hold of catch wrestling, the side double wrist lock (hint: grab the hand, NOT the wrist)
-How to set-up the DWL by "walking" over to it
-How to turn a useless top-wrist lock into a CRUEL shoulder lock.
-A DWL that you can secure with only two-fingers!
-Armbar from the head and arm (scarf hold)
-Gouging and rough & tumble set-ups
-A simple reversal out of a DWL into a hammerlock

-Attacks the abdominals and core from a variety of angles

Arms II
-Tight wristlock set up into a straight arm-bar
-"Turking" to apply armbars with your legs!
-Really mean reverse armbars
-How to turn your opponent's single leg takedown attempt into a reverse armbar, neck crank, etc. with the sprawl and spin maneuver.
-Head & arm submissions and a simple way to bride out of the head & arm.

-Arms, different ways to strengthen the arms

Neck I
-A very technical look at the triangle choke plus a variety of innovative set-ups
-Also, many other tips to make your no-gi chokes more effective and tight.

- 4 easy, do-them-anywhere, neck exercises. Bridging and wall-walking too.

Neck II
-Crossfacing and neck cranks using your entire body to generate force.
-Gouges to set up neck-cranks (even neck cranks using the legs!)

All this, plus there are animated diagrams showing the force vectors and pressure points to use!

The ADVANCED course is just that, for the more advanced student.

Here is a sample of the menu to choose from on the ADVANCED course (Video #2):

Advanced I
-How to maim a turtled opponent with toe holds, unique Achilles locks, cross faces, even your chin!
-How to blanket ride and make your opponent carry your weight
-Rough & Tumble and gouging tricks to force your opponent to open themselves up to submissions
-Choke, cranks, and strangle variations
-How to turn a simple cradle into an excruciating submission
-Nail the toe-hold from the ball & chain ride
-A clinic on toe-holds
-the INFAMOUS oil-check (yes, I think it was revealed on video here first)

-Shrimping (forward and reverse)
-The Gotch Bible

Advanced II (lots of chaining work here)
-How to ride your opponent and make them carry your weight when you are crossbody
-A simple method to counter a strong bridger when you have the mount
-How to use your chin & knuckles for submission from north & south (and lots more gouging and rough & tumble tactics)
-Wrist flex to shoulder lock to straight armbar chain
-Double wrist lock to wrist flex to armbar chain
-How to apply the achilles lock so that your opponent cannot stand up on you to counter

-Sprawling drills

Advanced III
-Escape from the quarter nelson
-Counter your opponent when they have a single leg on you on the ground
-Reversal when your opponent has a bodylock on you on the ground
-Tricks to break your opponents grip
-More escapes and reversals!

-Rolls and falls (including pro-wrestling's "bump" method for absorbing the shocks from falling by distributing the energy over a larger surface area)

Final Chapter
-Proper stance
-Blocking kicks
-A novel double wristlock takedown (hint: not the one you've seen Karo or Sakuraba do)

-Rope skipping
-Wheel-barrel push-ups
-Indian Club Swinging

There is also some footage from both some Japanese strong-style pro-wrestling and competitive shoot wrestling matches at the end.

Contents of Video 3:

On the weekend of February 22nd, 2006 Scientific Wrestling flew in submission master Yoshiaki Fujiwara and legendary carnival hook wrestler Dick Cardinal for a Catch Wrestling summit of sorts in Los Angeles. There was also the added bonus of having Mr. Yuki Ishikawa (PWFG wrestler, Pride fighter and BattleArts owner) along to help with training.

Dick Cardinal is an amateur wrestling champion and a legendary carnival wrestler hailing from the Pacific NorthWest and frequent workout partner of legendary wrestler Ben Sherman.


-An exhibition match between Fujiwara and Ishikawa
-a variation of the standard triangle choke
-Crooked head scissor to arm bar
-leg submissions, set ups and techniques
-escape from the body scissor
-cross face to neck crank
-scarf hold neck crank
-three basic arm locks
-unusual escape using armbar from bottom
-a killer cradle submission to use when someone puts you in their guard
-Fujiwara Armbar
-Sugar footing
-crossed ankle submission
-adding a "twist" to the knee bar
-assorted set ups, counters, and submissions
-a Fujiwara lockflow
-The infamous Oil Check

Here's a list of some of the stuff Mr. Cardinal covered:

-Neck crank
-Front face lock
-Some mental aspects of wrestling
-the double wristlock
-Key lock
-a little known hammerlock set-up and submission
-a takedown straight to the head and arm position
-the Westpoint Ride (another gem that you've likely NEVER seen before)
-Chicken wing to key lock submission
-The full nelson stockade
...and more!

Finally, there is also a lengthy Q & A section too where the participants quiz Mr. Fujiwara for solutions to particular problems. Mr. Fujiwara and Mr. Ishikawa took time to help every single participant and with this bonus feature, you can know what it is actually like to attend a Scientific Wrestling seminar!

Submission Master by Yoshiaki Fujiwara