Street Boxing Managing Stress

Street Boxing Managing Stress

By Robert Paturel RAID Instructor
Program: Neutralization on feet/fist attacks, Awareness on blades, Introduction to stress and conflict managing

Street Boxing is the result of my research for over forty years.
The culmination of my « martial peregrinations. » A self-defense method that is pragmatic because taught to my colleagues from intervention groups (RAID, GIPN) with feedback.
In this video is the essence of this research. Starting with the basics.

-Avoidance (analyze a situation, anticipate and avoid confrontation)
-Behavioral (general attitude, sincere listening, positioning)
-Guard attitudes (passive guard, disguised guard)
-Observation (the hands of the opponent, Is he alone? Flee possibilities?)
-The concepts of distance (only way not to be surprised)
-Neutralize attacks (guard closures)
-The Hedgehog blocks with hard surfaces and not fragile (knees, elbows, sole)
-Moves with two assailants
-Points to hit: parts that you cannot muscle (throat, eyes, groin)
-Awareness on blades
-How to rescue someone

All this will be brightened up by discourses on legal framework (self-defense), but also information on stress and an approach to try to manage it.

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Street Boxing Managing Stress