Shuai-Jiao - Chinese Wrestling by Yuan Zumou

Shuai-Jiao - Chinese Wrestling by Yuan Zumou

Siftness - Suppleness - Efficiency

The Shuai-Jiao is the oldest Chinese Martial Art. For more than five thousand years, it has played a major part in Chinese civilization, always looking for a perfect harmony between body and soul.

In the West, Martial Art is always linked to the art of war but the discovery of this discipline that succeeded in keeping its traditional moral values: self-control, loyalty, courtesy, altrusim, ... may transform our way of thinking. An art of throw or dodge, the Shuai-Jiao improves the mastery of non-violence.

Actually, those particular techniques are fully efficient only when the fighter knows how to adapt himself and how to use the power and strength of his opponent so as to make him fall.

The Shuai-Jiao particularly develops the listening and the observation of fighters, which gives the fight a supple form, fluid and very mobile.
Movements are very quick and the changing way of grabbing things gives the fight its vivid and pleasant form.

Yan Zumou was born in China in 1940. When he has started practicing the Chinese wrestling with Master Song Zen Pou and his son Song pao Zen. In 1958, he went to the Sports Institute of Shangai under the supervision of Master Zhou Sibing and obtained his diploma in 1963, that later was recognized as equivalent in France.

Throughout his video, you will discover the very essence of Shuai Jiao, its History, its foundations, and its techniques.

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Shuai-Jiao - Chinese Wrestling by Yuan Zumou