Savate Defense Advanced Techniques Eric Quequet

Savate Defense Advanced Techniques Eric Quequet

Official Program of the FFSBF & DA

The French Boxing Federation offers Savate Defense teaching.

This is a modern method of personal defense, meant to train a practitioner within a short period of time so that he or she can efficiently deal with an attack.

Based on the old Savate that was a formidable fighting method born on the streets, it uses any kind of strike, as well as locks, chokes and throws.
The techniques practiced make this style a most complete and effective martial art.

This educational video, presented by Eric Quéquet, technical supervisor of this style, will be a useful tool for every Savate Defense teacher or practitioner.
It sums up all ranges of techniques and fundamentals, and leads the viewer progressively through the movements.
This thorough visual reminder will become absolutely necessary to all of you who do want to go further in their teaching or in their practice.

This film shows advanced work and techniques in Self Defense:
Defense management against knife attacks
Defense organization against stick attacks
Throws and imbalance
Work on the ground

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Savate Defense Advanced Techniques Eric Quequet