Sambo Self Defense Military Techniques

Sambo Self Defense Military Techniques

Sport, but above all martial art based on efficiency, Sambo was created for the army and the police needs. The name was taken from the Russian expression "Samozatchita Bez Orugia": self defense with no weapon.

At the beginning, the Russian soldiers were commissioned to create Sambo. Then they developed it to make it a full fighting system with an extraordinary logic and an exceptional fluidity between the standing work and the follow-up on the ground.

Sambo is an endless style which enables everyone to be able to respond any fight. Sambo has been proven in MMA, notably with Oleg Taktarov, UFC 5 & 6 winner.

This film presents you one of the aspects of Sambo with French- Swiss Hervé Gheldman, graduate of the Sambo and Combat Sambo Russian University. He attended many police and military academies and got trainings with Russian Special Forces.

After a brilliant sport career – World Champion, Herve Gheldman now devotes himself to the teaching of sport disciplines Sambo and Combat Sambo, and especially the teaching of Sambo to security and self defense professionals.

Hits, grips, protections, ground fighting…
you will find in this film many detailed techniques.

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Sambo Self Defense Military Techniques