Sambo for MMA Vol 2 by Herve Gheldman

Sambo for MMA Vol 2 by Herve Gheldman

Everyone talks about MMA... but MMA is relatively new.
A few individuals begin to distinguish in their personality and techniques, but there is still much to do. With these two videos, I wanted to share simple techniques taken from sambo and achievable in MMA.

Sambo, created in the former USSR for the police and the army, is a comprehensive discipline, made to fit all forms of combat and all situations.

I discovered it years ago, with my professor Oleg Taktarov, Sambo champion but also winner of the UFC VI. He was one of the first to highlight Sambo in all its forms. Today, I spread it and I train fighters in Sambo, MMA, Pankration and Shooto.

Thanks to these techniques, I have checked the efficiency of Sambo, and here is the result of this work in this second volume. A strength of Sambo is its logic in feet / fists / ground sequences, chokes and all the techniques you need to learn to get you started in MMA. So good work and see you soon on the mat...

Hervé GHELDMAN, National Technical Director and international expert. Russia Master Sport Sambo and martial artist for over 40 years, Herve Gheldman has developed his Sambo system after many years of competition - a world champion title to his resume - and courses around the world. He is a police and military expert, and regularly visits special forces in their training center.

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Sambo for MMA Vol 2 by Herve Gheldman