Purple Belt Requirements 2.0 by Roy Dean

Purple Belt Requirements 2.0 by Roy Dean

Roy Dean is proud to present Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt Requirements 2.0, an instructional unlike any other, and your conceptual guide to unlocking the art.

This cinematic instructional brings you an unparalleled learning experience, designed to help you achieve the rank of purple belt with a proven training method which is clearly outlined.

"What's the difference between Purple Belt 1.0 and 2.0." Simply put, they can be used together, or as stand alone guides. Purple Belt 1.0 illustrates the concept of a "game" in jiu jitsu, and the importance of having options from every position. Purple Belt 2.0 emphasizes a training method guaranteed to unlock your potential through combinations and momentum.

Chapter include:


Technical Overview

The 5 Keys to Success

Combination 1 | Guillotine Kimura

Combination 2 | Inside Trip Guard Pass

Combination 3 | Can Opener Armlock

Combination 4 | Armdrag to Armlock

Combination 5 | Punch Block Head and Arm

Combination 6 | Harai Goshi Kimura

Combination 7 | Single Leg to Knee Tap

Combination 8 | Uchimata Ankle Pick

Combination 9 | Tripod Sweep Heel Hook

Combination 10 | Tai Otoshi to Triangle

The Stages of Jiu Jitsu

Purple Belt Requirements by Roy Dean is the ultimate companion for BJJ students of all levels, not just blue belts hungry for their next rank. Whether you're a beginner looking to establish a solid foundation or an experienced practitioner seeking to conceptually master your techniques, this instructional is your pathway to the next level.

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Purple Belt Requirements 2.0 by Roy Dean