Posture Power by Richard Van Donk

Posture Power by Richard Van Donk

Now in one place on one video you can see the primary postures from each of the 9 Ninjutsu schools.

Do you really know these postures and their Japanese names and how to use them? If not, here is your instructional.
Shihan Richard Van Donk demonstrates each posture, teaches how to get in them, how to move from them, how to flow from posture to posture while learning their proper names and how to apply them in combat.

Postures (also known as kamae) are the fundamental foundations to your martial arts ability and determine your ability to defend yourself. Proper positioning can be everything and knowing how to move into and from these postures may be even more important than the static posture itself.

There are 9 ryu (schools) in the Bujinkan Ninjutsu training and each school sometimes shows different kamae (postures) variations, often confusing even the best instructors.
Now you can practice going from posture to posture with a master teacher until you are very comfortable moving from one to the other with Posture Power.

Shihan Van Donk is assisted by Shihan Ken Balanon and Shidoshi Joel Everett.

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Posture Power by Richard Van Donk