Position Brabo with Bjorn Friedrich

Position Brabo with Bjorn Friedrich

Position Brabo is a classic BJJ instructional DVD which was first released in 2008. It covers the Brabo / Darce choke for No-Gi Jiu Jitsu and contains many different set ups for this unique choke. It also shows how to control an opponent with an overhook to set up the Brabo / Darce choke.

This is an absolute BJJ No-Gi classic instructional. Over 100 minutes of instruction with more than 30 different techniques shown.


Different Brabo choke variations from the Sprawl
The Brabo choke as sweep
Figure 4 Headlock into Brabo / Anaconda choke
Anaconda Choke into Brabo choke
Sit Out counter into Brabo choke
Single Leg Takedown counter with Brabo choke
How to control with the overhook from Side Control
Many different Brabo choke variations from Side Control
Brabo choke and overhook Control from Half Guard (top)
Brabo choke Escapes and the importance of posture
How to avoid the Brabo choke from Half Guard (bottom)
How to Escape the Brabo choke from Side Control (bottom)
Brabo choke from the Mount Position
Brabo choke from the Butterfly Guard (top)
Brabo choke from Butterfly Guard (bottom)
Oma Plata into Brabo choke
Side Control Escape into Brabo choke
Takedown into Brabo choke

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Position Brabo with Bjorn Friedrich