Okinawan Karate by Patrick McCarthy

Okinawan Karate by Patrick McCarthy

In this 7 volume presentation McCarthy Hanshi will show you many of the technical aspects of karate mixed with his unique ability to lecture, demonstrate and share some of the most valuable information ever recorded on Okinawan karate.

With over 50 years of research, training, travelling, and practice McCarthy Hanshi is finally prepared to share this invaluable information with the masses of karate-ka who are in search for this information as well.

Vol 1: Unsettled Matters 1
Vol 2: Unsettled Matters 2
Vol 3: Dai Nippon Butoku Kai
Vol 4: The Bubishi Nepai
Vol 5: The Bubishi Happoren
Vol 6: The Weaponless Warrior
Vol 7: Okinawan Karate Secrets Revealed

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Okinawan Karate by Patrick McCarthy

7 Videos