Okinawa Strengthening with Takemi Takayasu

Okinawa Strengthening with Takemi Takayasu

Strengthening of the Body with Base-Ball Bat
Amazing breaking on 9 Points
Chishis, Nigiri-Games, Dumbbells

By Takemi Takayasu 8.Dan

Sensei Takemi Takayasu, expert in Karate Uechiryu and technical director for the European Uechiryu Karatedo Kenyukai demonstrates on this DVD the Strengthening Work as it is practiced on the Island of Okinawa.
The strengthening work must be a part of the training of any budoka who looks for maximum efficiency.

It helps to be able to block painlessly, and to increase the power of your strikes.
But, be careful the strengthening should not be practiced without caution, there is a risk of body injury.
It is to be performed with intelligence and according to a precise and gradual method.

Sensei Takemi Takayasu, 8th Dan, guides you with intelligence in order to lead you to the goal that you look for: being more resisting, more efficient. Sensei Takayasu pratices Uechiryu style which particularity remains the strengthening work on limbs.

The author of such titles as "Okinawa Makiawara", "Uechiryu Karatedo from Okinawa" Vol.1,2 and 3, he demonstrates through this DVD the secrets of the Okinawa Strengthening.

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Okinawa Strengthening with Takemi Takayasu