Okinawa Makiwara by Takemi Takayasu

Okinawa Makiwara by Takemi Takayasu

Master Takemi TAKAYASU, 7th dan, pratices Uechi-ryu Karate.
Uechi-ryu is a Budo School very different from the others. That Budo mixes firmness and supplenes within its method. A Technical Director of Uechi-Ryu Karate Do Kenyukai in Europe, Master Takémi TAKAYASU works strongly in order to promote his style by participating in many demonstrations and lectures around the world.

Fort the first time on DVD, Master Takemi TAKAYASU reveals his training method with Makiwara, a well-know accessory for all karatekas.

The Makiwara is an essential tool for Karate Do training since it allows fatal strikes, and was created in Okinawa, the island in which Karate Do was born. Thanks to a regular training, you may improve your efficiency with repeated movements such as:
Seiken-tsuki, Shuto-Uchi, Shotei-Uchi, Shomen-Geri et Ushiro-Geri. But do know that Makiwara training is not to be improvised.

Master Takemi TAKAYASU, famous for his spectacular breaking demonstrations, shows to all styles karatekas how to use a Makiwara in a good way and therefore how to enhance dramatically the power of each strike.

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Okinawa Makiwara by Takemi Takayasu