Ninja Weapons Vol 2 by Richard Van Donk

Ninja Weapons Vol 2 by Richard Van Donk

Aspects, Postures and Strikes of the Sword, Jutte, Shuko, Kyoketsu Shoge, Yari, Gun & Kunai.
Weapons are fun to train with!
The Ninja used many weapons, both traditional and exotic. This video covers some of both. We start with the most commonly known Ninja weapons and share with you what they are, how they are used, postures to hold them in, and how to strike with them.

In Vol.1 you learned Hanbo, Tanto, Kusari Fundo, Shuriken, Teppan, Rokushaku Bo, & Naginata .
With Vol. 2 you can add another 7 of the more popular Ninja weapons to your training arsenal! 
This dvd covers  Sword, Jutte, Shuko, KyoketsuShoge, Yari, Gun & Kunai. 

Practice along with us and learn the correct weapon postures by name and then how to use them. Until these videox were made there was nowhere you could get all this information compiled together in one place.

Taught by Shihans Richard and Linda Van Donk

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Ninja Weapons Vol 2 by Richard Van Donk