New School Guard Passing by Stephen Whittier

New School Guard Passing by Stephen Whittier

If you're sick and tired of getting tied up in knots by younger, quicker opponents with their rubbery octopus legs and feel like every move you make is a trap, then this is the course for you!

Volume 1- Passing DLR, Z Guard & Knee Shield

Discover the little known posture details to keep from getting tangled up int the first place (and avoiding the most common passing mistakes even experienced grapplers make.
The most important hip pressure and timing you need to know to shut down sweeps, smash hooks, and more as you pass.
Learn the "be like water" angle tips that make all the difference when your opponent is a live wire.
The simple shoulder alignment trick that will make it almost impossible for you to be swept by any type of hook guard.
The best way to beat the De La Riva hook (no pressure on your knee) and kill your opponent's angle before he can tangle you up.
The simple, one-step Berimbolo sweep beating posture.
How to tighten the screws on even the biggest, strongest guys in your school when they try to knee shield you.
Volume 2- Guard Passing to Mount

The pressure passing "sweet spot" that will let you smash even the stronger or most flexible guards
How to use less energy to get much greater results (wear down your opponents even if they have "energizer"gas tanks)
The head position, grip and weight placement secrets that will make your opponents beg for you to finish the pass!
How to design a "pass to mount" game whether you like to pass standing and from the outside or low and tight
The little known details to clamping on an ultra tight mount position
How to cycle back to the pass even as your opponent counters... you'll always be one step ahead.
Half guard? Hooks? No problem! Slice through without getting swept!
Volume 3- Leaning Guard Pass

Opponent's always rolling and somersaulting out of your passes? Not anymore!
Learn how to stay safe from leg locks, triangles and more as you stay attached to your opponent's hips no matter where they go.
Develop new school skills without becoming a "jiu-jitsu-gymnast" or beating up your neck and back.
Beat the granby roll with or without a gi!
Stephen Whittier is a 3rd degree BJJ black belt and owner of Nexus Martial Arts & Fitness in Massachusetts. He's also a professional performance coach with years of experience teaching seminars and training camps across the country and internationally, and training everyone from recreational students to BJJ competitors and "A-list" MMA fighters.

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New School Guard Passing by Stephen Whittier