Neihanchi KIKO by Hayashi Tomio

Neihanchi KIKO by Hayashi Tomio

Internal Training
Energy Manipulation
Advanced Standing Grappling
By Shifu Hayashi Tomio

Shifu Hayashi Tomio, (Christopher J. Goedecke), 8th dan, a career teacher with over a half-century of martial art experience, presents one of the least know aspects of karate kata – its Kiko Principles. Hayashi is the head of the Isshin Kempo system, author of Rebel Isshinryu: The 57 Challenges, Internal Karate: Mind Matters and the Seven Gates of Power, and The Soul Polishers Apprentice.

Hayashi has appeared in Who’s Who in American Karate and Who’s Who In The East for his martial contributions. He has studied Okinawan Isshinryu, Yang style Tai Chi, Aikido, Okinawan Kobudo, and is a noted expert in Kiko or Internal Karate-Do technique. He is a Buddhist Bodhisattva Warrior Monk in the Chen Yen Mikkyo Mi Tsung sect and a senior technical advisor for the Wu Hsin Tao.

Hayashi began karate training in 1968 at the International School of Judo and Karate in New Jersey. The Isshin Kempo Association grew into one of the largest karate organizations on the East coast in the 1970s. Goedecke is also an Adjunct Lecturer in Physical Education at Drew University where he has taught karate since 1984.

Volume 1: THE FORM – You will learn a powerful Kiko variation of one of Okinawa’s most essential kata. Each move is meticulously broken down with a clear explanation for its every detail. 57mins

Volume 2: THE BUNKAI –Neihanchi is presented as a highly functional, standing grappling sequence with its Kiko (Chi-Kung) components fully activated, for a commanding control of any opponent or competitor. 1 hr. 4 mins.

Volume 3: A KIKO PRIMER – Considered the ‘jewel of martial arts’, Kiko is explained along with numerous demonstrations of its ability to greatly enhance any martial technique. 1 hr 3mins.

FREESTYLE NEIHANCHI – Hayashi draws a clear link between solo kata practice and jiu-kumite (free sparring). Fighting drills, strengthening exercises and advice from a foremost teacher is presented for you to get the most out of your free form fighting using Neihanchi technique.

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Neihanchi KIKO by Hayashi Tomio