Minamoto no Mitsunaka 1000th Anniversary Festival

Minamoto no Mitsunaka 1000th Anniversary Festival

Daito Ryu is a martial art handed down by the Minamoto family whose founder was Shinra Saburo Minamoto no Yoshimitsu. Until recently, it wasn’t called Daito Ryu, but it was called Yamato Ryu, and is a representative Aikijujutsu style in Japan. Aikido's popularity began to grow around the time that a documentary film by Takuma Hisa, which he helped produce under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, was released, and the secret technique of Taninzudori, which was shown at the Nippon Budokan by the 36th Soke Tokimune Takeda, was broadcast on television nationwide. That video was the first to expose Daito Ryu to the mainstream audience.

This dedication ceremony was held on Sept 1st, 1996 in Abashiri by the Seishinkai, which was established by Takeda Tokimune and his disciples, including Ise Nakagawa and Sano Matsuo, who had worked together since before the construction of the Daitokan, with the aim of preserving the orthodox techniques of the school. The Hakuho-kai, which was founded by Shogen Okabayashi, who studied under Takuma Hisa and then, with his recommendation, under Tokimune Takeda, dedicated this precious martial arts to his founder and teacher with one heart. It is a precious record of Daito Ryu.

This event also marked the 1000th anniversary of Minamoto no Mitsunaka, the leader of the Minamoto clan warriors.

Besides the demonstration, this DVD also includes footage from a joint practice session led by Sano Matsuo, Kato Shigemitsu, Arisawa Gunpachi, Shogen Okabayashi, and others.


-Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu Joint Demonstration Performance (66 min)

-Joint Practice Highlights (22 min)

Language: Japanese

Minamoto no Mitsunaka 1000th Anniversary Festival