Leglock Encyclopedia with Gokor Chivichyan

Leglock Encyclopedia with Gokor Chivichyan

Gokor Chivichyan, leglock master and MMA instructor teaches you an "encyclopedia" of leglocks in this mammoth instructional series. Contents include:

Vol 1: Leglock Basics and Throws to Leglocks
Gokor starts things off with showing you the proper hand position for ankle locks, heel hooks, kneebars, and toeholds. His attention to detail will help you tighten up your leg attacks and increase your confidence. Next, Gokor shows you 6 incredible throws that put you in the position to finish your opponent with a leglock as soon as he hits the floor!

Vol 2: Open Guard Leglocks
After mastering these leglocks, your opponent will fear getting you in his open guard. Ankle locks, heel hooks, toeholds, kneebars, and knee compressions are all shown in detail. You won't view the open guard the same after learning all of the attacks at your disposal.

Vol 3: Leglocks from Everywhere 1
In this video, Gokor shows you why your opponent's legs are an easy target in any position - whether you're in the half guard, butterfly guard, knee on belly, or side control, his legs are there for you to attack.

Vol 4: Leglocks from Everywhere 2
Continuing on from the last video, Gokor shows leg attacks from kesagatame, the turtle, the back, and the mount. Your opponent will fear for his safety after you learn these leg submissions.

Vol 5: Leglock Escapes & Counters
No one in the world knows more leg attacks than Gokor. Accordingly, no one knows the best - and more importantly - SAFEST way to escape. Don't get hurt trying to escape the wrong way from a heel hook. And better yet, learn how to counter your opponent's leg attacks with a counter of your own!

About Gokor Chivichyan
Gokor was born in Armenia and started training in the grappling arts since the age of 5. With decades of experience in wrestling, judo, and sambo, Gokor is a wealth of experience to rely on. He's been training world class Judoka and MMA fighters at the Hayastan MMA Academy since 1991 and is always innovating, improving, and refining the art of submission grappling.

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Leglock Encyclopedia with Gokor Chivichyan