Kyoketsu Shoge by Richard Van Donk

Kyoketsu Shoge by Richard Van Donk

This outdoor training could be subtitled 'How to Learn Weapons.'
Shihan Richard gives a talk about how to learn that will give you a good foundation for your practice.

Then we have some rare teaching of the Kyoketsu Shoge done by several instructors who share their insights and methods for this weapon gathered from their years of training in the art. Following this the training switches to the Kusari fundo.

Shihan Dan Ordoins teaches you how to always keep in kamae while doing your taijutsu  - a great reminder everyone needs! Plus tips that will help everyone do this.

The training then moves to the beach and Shihan Van Donk shares a special session on how to feel the energy in your body.The inner teachings of the martial arts are rarely taught and yet they are the most important teachings we can learn and will enhance both your taijutsu and your everyday life.

After this the beach training and rolling drills (fun in the sand!) begin. Our Ninjas learn they always need to be on the lookout when training. Watch out for the Ninja-style surprise! 

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Kyoketsu Shoge by Richard Van Donk