Krav Maga Self Defense Against Unarmed Attackers

Krav Maga Self Defense Against Unarmed Attackers

Defenses against street fighters, Chokings, grasps, headlocks and many more. Krav Maga was founded by Imi Lichtenfeld in the 1930´s and you can find Krav Maga training centers all over the world today.

Moshe Katz started his martial art training in Israel and continued later with Kyokushin Karate und Ninjitsu in the United States, where he had been a student of some of the most popular masters of the world.

When Moshe came back to Israel, he met "Krav Maga instructor" Itay Gil and became his student. It was a no holds barred training.

After many years of training and teaching, Moshe Katz was honored by two organizations with the black belt 5 Dan in November 2010.

On this film "Realistic self defense against unarmed attackers" Moshe Katz will show special techniques against all kinds of realistic attack situations, as for example:
defense techniques against kicks, fist punches, grips, attacks from behind, strangle-holds, pushing and many more.

Learn how to defend yourself effectively to survive on the street.

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Krav Maga Self Defense Against Unarmed Attackers