Krav Maga Advanced Techniques - Green Belt Program

Krav Maga Advanced Techniques - Green Belt Program

Alain Formaggio
Jean-Michel Lerho
Alesandro Del Pia
Alexandre Van der Linden

This instructional dvd is explained by Alain Formaggio, French technical director of the Krav Maga world Federation since 2006.

The Krav Maga world Federation was created in 2004 by Alessandro Del Pia, Italy. It is an international, independent and scalable federation. Its foundations are based on the Krav Maga Israeli military bases, but all the techniques are adapted to the streets, in a current context, with a minimum of risks for the Defender.

You will find in this film advanced Krav Maga WKMF techniques, the kicks, seizure defenses, fist and foot stike defenses, stick attacks and knife threats defenses, falls and ground defenses... The main level 3 Krav Maga WKMF defenses are part of the green belt program.

They are illustrated by Alessandro Del Pia, president and technical director Italy, Jean-Michel Lerho (Belgium), technical Europe director, Alexandre Vanderlinden, technical director Belgium and Alain Formaggio. This film is a learning support for practicing and a reference for WKMF instructors.

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Krav Maga Advanced Techniques - Green Belt Program