Knife Jutsu Series by Avi Nardia

Knife Jutsu Series by Avi Nardia

Vol-1 Fundamentals of Knife and Safety by Major Avi Nardia
Includes: Type of knives, Joint attacks (45 and 90 degree angle), Changing grips, Drills, Distance and mobility, Controlling the weapon, Engagement freestyle drills, Against the wall drills, Combative angles of attack, Thumbs up and down drills.

Vol-2 LAMECO ASTIG Combative & Self Defense Seminar by Guro Roger Agbulos
Roger Agbulos started his training in 1990 under Punong Guro Edgar Sulite, founder and chief instructor of Lameco Eskrima International. He was one of Edgarâs senior students in the backyard group in Los Angeles, California. When Edgar passed away in 1997, Roger decided to pursue Lamecoâs primary arts, the Kali Ilustrisimo and the original De Campo Eskrima 1-2-3. At one point, he came under the tutelage of both Grandmaster Rey Galang and Grandmaster Christopher Ricketts of the Bakbakan Kali Ilustrisimo organization and later continued to work with Grandmaster Ireneo Eric Olavides of De Campo Eskrima, JDC-IO.

Includes: Standing drills, Ground drills, Disarming techniques, Seminar highlights and MUCH MORE

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Knife Jutsu Series by Avi Nardia

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