Kneebar (Rychag Kolena) by Vladislav Koulikov

Kneebar (Rychag Kolena) by Vladislav Koulikov

The kneebar is a powerful submission where one athlete generally uses both arms, legs and hips, to attack the knee joint of his opponent. Forbidden in Judo and overlooked in BJJ for most of its history, the kneebar largely saw its development come from the Russian art of Sambo.

There is no one more versed on the grappling arts to teach the kneebar than Vlad Koulikov, black belt in BJJ, Judo, Sambo, and ex MMA fighter. In this instructional, Vlad teaches the gross mechanics and the fine details which can make the difference between getting the submission and letting your opponent slip out.

Vlad teaches various entries into the submission from standing, the ground, and from throws. After learning and drilling these 24 chapters, the kneebar will be a strong tool in your repertoire!

1. Intro
2. Breaking Mechanics, Conventional
3. Breaking Mechanics, Unconventional
4. Basic Beginner Set Up
5. Bask Spin from Top Half
6. Fork Lift or Threading Kneebar
7. Dog Bar
8. Pony Express
9. Wizards Web
10. Knee Bar from Bottom Spider Guard
11. Helicopter or Pizza Pie
12. Knee Bar from Top half Guard with Leg Trap
13. Knee Bar from Bottom Half Guard
14. Connection Between Saddle and Outside Ashi Knee Bar
15. Inverted Knee Bar from Saddle
16. Escaping Mount to Knee Bar
17. Two Viking Ship Entries
18. Knee Bar when Opponent Escapes your Arm Bar or Triangle
19. Two Russian Cowboy Entries
20. Lat Bar and Achilles Combo
21. Rolling Knee Bar
22. Rolling Knee Bar from Turtle and Butterly Guard
23. Two Knee Bars off Sumi Gaeshi
24. Marino Mokhnatkina's Knee Bar

About the instructor:

Vlad is the founder of the Koulikov Grappling Academy (KGA), and is a world champion competitor; placing 2 times in the USA and represented team USA in Combat Sambo in the World Championship in 2008. He has placed and won multiple Naga and Grapplers Quest tournaments and was awarded the most technical fighter in the very first Grapplers Quest competition winning all his matches by submissions.

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Kneebar (Rychag Kolena) by Vladislav Koulikov