Killing the Near Side Arm by Ante Dzolic

Killing the Near Side Arm by Ante Dzolic

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Ante Dzolic teaches you how to control and attack from side control. In this course you’ll learn what the major priorities in controlling opponents in Side Control are as well as how to stop their escape attempts.

Side Control/Side Mount/Cross Sides is widely considered one of the best positions in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. But often you will see students failing greatly at finishing their opponents once there and reducing them to holding and squeezing with a tight seatbelt to pass for offense. The purpose of this course is to help change that!

This course will teach you how to deny escape to your opponent first and simultaneously create submission opportunities for yourself.

The instructional begins by reviewing fundamental concepts, strategies and goals. You’ll learn important movements, how and when to apply pressure as well as the overriding goal of the system.

The course will continue by teaching a number of attacks in small modules. These modules will be presented in a compartmentalized fashion where you can just study and apply any one series at a time as well as connecting the different modules together creating unrelenting pressure on your opponents. The purpose is to make it easy to learn and easy to build a large arsenal of weapons at your disposal.

You’ll then study different transitions to the mounted position as well as unique submission opportunities that will present themselves when employing this system of control and attack.

You will also learn easy ways to stop and/or counter guard recovery techniques and movements you’ll face. The course will conclude with answers on what to do when you absolutely can’t neutralize the near side arm. Thereby creating a complete system of attack for you to employ.

The Course Chapter List

Concepts and Strategies

Cooking our Opponents
Controlling the Near Side Hip
Scraping Hips
Shoulder Pressure and Purpose
Strategy: Forcing a Tough Decision
KNSA: Leg Side Hip & Leg
KNSA: Head Side Hip & Leg
KNSA: The Arm Weave
The Arm Weave: Common Problems and Opportunities
The Spinning Arm Bar
The Americana Series

KNSA: The Americana
Transition to Mount
Americana to Arm Triangle
Arm Triangle to Ezekiel Choke
The D’Arce/Brabo
The Step Over Series

Step Over Arm Lock
Step Over to Wrist Lock
Step Over to Mission Impossible Americana
Genie Lock
Over Hook Arm Lock
The Gift Wrap Series

Sitting Back to The Cutting Arm Bar
The Near Side Arm Lock
Modified Americana
Transitioning to The Mount

Transition to The Mount (And Control Details)
Triangle Choke
Baseball Slide Arm Lock
Kimura Follow Up
Near Side Series

Near Side Triple Threat
Overcoming the Hidden Arm I (Americana and Kimura Attacks)
Overcoming the Hidden Arm II (North South Choke)
The Kimura Series

Kimura to The Paper Cutter Choke
Kimura to a Back Take
Kimura to Arm Triangle and/or Ezekiel Choke
Kimura to Reverse Arm Triangle and/or D’Arce Choke
Overcoming a Strong Get Up
Defending Guard Recovery Attempts

The Hip Hurdle
The Windshield Wiper
Walking Overhead

When we Can’t Kill the Near Side Arm I (Mobile and Strong Frame)
When we Can’t Kill the Near Side Arm II (Low Frame)
When we Can’t Kill the Near Side Arm III (Big/Long Opponent I)
When we Can’t Kill the Near Side Arm IV (Big/Long Opponent II)
When we Can’t Kill the Near Side Arm V (Frame Under Our Hips)

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Killing the Near Side Arm by Ante Dzolic