Killer Butterfly & Human Crucifix by Nino Schembri

Killer Butterfly & Human Crucifix by Nino Schembri

The always innovative Nino Schembri returns with a 3 DVD set covering submissions from the crucifix and butterfly sweeps.
Contents are:

Disc 1: Getting to the Attack Position
In this DVD, Nino shows you how to fluidly transition from the sitting up guard to the crucifix. Whether your opponent is pushing in, stalling, or trying to pass your guard, you will learn 8 different ways to move - depending on your opponent's reaction - from defense to the attack position. Most of these transitions appear on DVD for the first time. Bonus training footage also included.

Disc 2: Submissions
Now that you know how to get to the attack position, Elvis shows you 10 innovative submissions to surprise and tap your opponent. Nino will show you subs you couldn't even imagine like the americana and kimura from the crucifix, rolling triangle crucifix, full nelson neck crank, and more! Bonus training footage also included.

Disc 3: Sweeps
Nino finishes off the set with 9 unique sweeps to put your opponent on his back and put you on top. Wherever your partner moves you'll have an answer for it after learning these innovative sweeps. As a bonus, Nino shows you his stretching routine to help you develop a flexible guard.

Learn Nino's new techniques and take your grappling to the next level!

Nino "Elvis" Schembri (1974 - ): Brazilian Jiu-jitsu world champion, ADCC veteran and active MMA fighter, Nino is respected worldwide as one of the greatest grapplers of all time. Always the innovator, Nino has a unique way of fighting. He received his black belt from Carlos Gracie, Jr and later went on to train with Chute Boxe. Now independent, Nino continues training and innovating his jiu-jitsu in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Killer Butterfly & Human Crucifix by Nino Schembri