Kid Peligro Vol 4 - Side Control and Submissions

Kid Peligro Vol 4 - Side Control and Submissions

Side control is one of the most important positions in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and street self-defense. After you've passed the opponent's guard and has reached this very desirable position the last thing you want is to lose it. Kid Peligro goes in great details of explaining how to control the opponent and defuse any of his attempts to escape. He then goes on to show his favorite submission attacks.

This video going way beyond just the killer techniques, as Peligro goes on to explain what you should be thinking and how to proceed to not only control your opponent but also to submit him.

Additionally, Kid explains several details and nuances that will completely change your perspective on the position and will turn you from a lightweight into a very strong Jiu-Jitsu fighter. Learn how to take advantage of opportunities and how to avoid the pitfalls of the side-control position. Learn the mindset that you need to become a dangerous submission artist and how to apply pressure and control so your opponent wish he wasn't fighting you.


• 1 Introduction
• 2 Side Control Drills
• 3 Moving from Side to Side
• 4 Lapel Control on Turn
• 5 Opponent Turns
• 6 Pressure
• 7 Where to Apply Pressure
• 8 Espinha de Peixe
• 9 Keylock
• 10 Combination Attacks
• 11 Lapel Traps Arm to Baseball Choke
• 12 Lapel Traps Arm Choke Variation
• 13 Lapel Traps Arm to Mount
• 14 Lapel Traps Arm Mount Variation
• 15 Lapel Control to Taking the Back
• 16 Head & Arm Choke Variations
• 17 Step Over Triangle & Attack Opposite Arm
• 18 Kimura
• 19 Fall Back Arm-Lock
• 20 Basic Arm-Lock
• 21 Kid Triple Attack
• 22 Closing

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Kid Peligro Vol 4 - Side Control and Submissions