Kid Peligro Vol 3 - Passing the Guard

Kid Peligro Vol 3 - Passing the Guard

Kid Peligro follows his three great videos with what he considers the best one yet: Passing the Guard - Kid Peligro Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Vol 3

In this video Kid explores the secrets and thoughts that will make passing the guard easier and more effective for you. Going deep into his experience and knowledge base Kid lays it all out in his usual detailed and thoughtful way of explaining the techniques and thoughts that you need to have to become a great guard passer!

Passing the guard is one of the most important parts of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and for self-defense. Kid Peligro showcases some of his favorite guard passes and goes beyond that, explaining what you should be thinking and how to proceed to make you an effective guard passer. 
In addition to the techniques, Kid explains several details that will turn you from a lightweight into a very strong guard passer. Learn how to take advantage of opportunities and how to avoid traps that your opponent sets up. Learn the mindset that you need to become a great guard passer and how to make your opponent wish he wasn't fighting you. 


• 1 Introduction
• 2 Rope Drill or Tug-of-War - To learn and feel posture
• 3 Ranges of the Guard - Close medium and far what are the dangers and benefits of each
• 4 What to Avoid and How to Avoid
• 5 Posture and Pressure
• 6 Rickson Pass
• 7 Terere Pass
• 8 Terere Pass #2
• 9 Terere Pass #3
• 10 Terere Pass #4
• 11 Royler Guard Pass
• 12 Passing the Butterfly Guard
• 13 Passing the Butterfly Guard #2

• 14 Passing the Butterfly Guard #3
• 15 Passing the Spider Guard
• 16 Passing the Spider Guard #2
• 17 Passing the Spider Guard #3
• 18 Passing the Spider Guard #4
• 19 Passing the Guard Theory - Look for comfort and positions you understand and look to neutralize or avoid what is uncomfortable

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Kid Peligro Vol 3 - Passing the Guard