Kettllebell Basics with Rik Brown

Kettllebell Basics with Rik Brown

Kettlebells have been used in Eastern Europe and other parts of the world as the go to tool for full body strength and conditioning and are now quickly becoming an essential part of many athletes training routines.

In this video, certified strength and conditioning coach, Rik Brown, will guide you through the basics you'll need to implement kettelbells into your workout. He will start off by introducing you to some basic warm ups and stretches to get you ready for your first workout. Once your body is warm and mobile, he will teach you the basic techniques all kettebell lifters must know for an effective workout. He will then finish with some basic intermediate and advanced routines for you to challenge yourself with.


Warm Ups
The Swing
The Clean
The Snatch
The Press
The Turkish Get Up
Beginner Workout 1
Beginner Workout 2
Intermediate Workout 1
Intermediate Workout 2
Bonus Training

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Kettllebell Basics with Rik Brown