Keith Owen Favorite Moves Vol 1

Keith Owen Favorite Moves Vol 1

A new instructional video for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Aimed for BJJ practitioners with basic skills this video will take you through unique submissions, counters, and escapes.

This awesome video covers a wide variety of positions including sitting mount, side control, S-Mount, turtle position, and north south this dvd will give you a new page for your BJJ playbook.


Americana from bottom
Americana counter
American counter (roll under)
Arm bar breaks
Arm bar defense in guard
Arm bar defense (roll under)
Back mount flip to arm bar
Back mount side americana
Back mount spin arm bar
Bicep cutter
Gi choke from top
Guard pass
Guard pass (fist on chin)
Guillotine defense
Half mount arm bar
Kimura defense
Shoulder lock from guard
Shoulder lock from guard (knee on stomach)
Side control brabo choke
Side control arm bar (shin on throat)
Side control bridge roll
Side control hip compression
Side control shoulder lock
Sitting mount four sub flow
Turtle defense counters

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Keith Owen Favorite Moves Vol 1