Kapap Ultimate Techniques by Moshe Galisko

Kapap Ultimate Techniques by Moshe Galisko

By Moshe H. Galisko "Israeli expert World Technical Director of the International Kapap Association"

One of the most effective martial art in the world A method that is easy to learn

Program : Grabs, chokes, feet/fists, ground, gun, knife ...

Kapap (Krav Panim El Panim which means "face to face combat ") is a martial art close to Krav Maga or Close Combat. It is a very realistic and very effective self-defense method created in Israel. In this video, you will study more specifically IKA Kapap. A whole range of varied and detailed techniques that allow you to deal with numerous attacks: defenses against punches, grips, chokes, seizures, gun threats, knife threats and attacks, ground techniques...

Moshe Galisko (Israel), the highest ranking of modern Kapap, has been practising martial arts for 47 years. He teaches the military elite and works with the anti- terrorist agencies worldwide. Succeeding his father, he developed a modern style Kapap worldwide. He is: President and chief instructor of the International Kapap Association, CEO of the Israeli and European Karate Organization (8th dan in Shotokan Karate), head of the Martial Arts Center in Israel (Beer Sheva), former coach of the Israeli Special Forces team and professor of CQB defensive tactics.

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Kapap Ultimate Techniques by Moshe Galisko

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