Kali Concepts Single Olisi - Single Stick Basics

Kali Concepts Single Olisi - Single Stick Basics

By Thorsten Isringhausen & Bernd Höhle

-Warming up
-6 hitting system with the double stick
-Swirl strikes
-Disarming techniques
-Hitting training
And many more

Kali, Arnis or Eskrima are topic expressions for the Philippine martial arts where the techniques are being executed with or without arms. Kali, Arnis or Eskrima had developed to a martial art throughout the entire history of the Philippines because the people had to be prepared to invaders of the country. They focused on realistic and easy techniques to guarantee the survival and the independence until this day. Kali concepts is combining many of these techniques to a system of fights with or without arms and will explain all the concepts for each technique.

Guro Thorsten Isringhausen and Bernd Höhle are representing Kali concepts in Europe. Both are familiar with the Philippine martial art for over 20 years and they are certified teachers of the Lapu Lapu Instructor Federation, the Samahang Exkrimadors ng Philippinas, as well as the World Filipino Martial Arts Federation. In these comprehensive teaching series we publish the complete system of Kali concepts.

Learn the basics for using the double stick. Perfect warming up, knowledge for the weapon, fighting positions, holdings, 6 hitting system with the double stick, Sinawalli, X-Sinawalli, Sinawalli combinations, swirl strikes as well as disarming techniques and hitting training. These are the main contents of this film.

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Kali Concepts Single Olisi - Single Stick Basics