Kajukenbo Hawaiian Kenpo Method Self Defense 1

Kajukenbo Hawaiian Kenpo Method Self Defense 1

Kajukenbo is a Hawaiian martial art created by Master EMPERADO between 1947 and 1950.
Kajukenbo is a Kenpo style used for self defense.

Master EMPERADO has worked with other experts in various styles for three years so that he could create an art harmonizing all concepts from their own styles, and then he put up a self defense system, tough and realistic. Those experts were Peter CHOO from TANG-SO-DO Korean Karate, Joseph HOLK from KODOKAN JUDO, Clarence CHANG from SEKEINO JU-JUTSU, Clarence CHANG from KUNG FU SIL LUM PAI. Besides, they added their knowledge in ENGLISH BOXING as they were amateur boxers, and also added their knowledge in KALI and in Polynesian LUA, an ancient martial art of Hawaiian warriors. Three years of secret and committed work later, the style was born.
They called it:
KA for Korean Karate Tang- so- do
JU for Judo and ju-jutsu
KEN for Kenpo
BO for Chinese and English Boxing

The concepts of KAJUKENBO are logical, realistic, naturally performed. The open mind and the evolution are part of this style. The current evolution of Kajukenbo was expressed by the Great Master Angel GARCIA.

Luis and Joe DIAZ, official representatives for France, appointed by Master Angel GARCIA and Master EMPERADO, keep on developing the system. This film is dedicated to Master EMPERADO and to Master Angel GARCIA. This art may be practiced by all, but toughness must remain for it is part of the technical foundations, range, sensation, accuracy of angles… The program, though it’s a large one, will be broken down as follows: empty hands work, self defense techniques, fight techniques, self defense against stick, against knife, Filipino Kali for weapons work.

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Kajukenbo Hawaiian Kenpo Method Self Defense 1