Judo Sacrifice Throw Seminar Katsuhiko Kashiwazaki

Judo Sacrifice Throw Seminar Katsuhiko Kashiwazaki

Katsuhiko Kashiwazaki, Kashiwazaki Katsuhiko, born 16 September 1951) is a Japanese judoka, Judo World Champion, known for his mastery of sacrifice throws (sutemi waza) and ground techniques (ne waza).

Kashiwazaki is from Kuji, Iwate. He began judo at the age of 10. After graduation from Tokai University, he belonged to Ibaraki Prefectural Taga high school(ja) and Tokai University.

Kashiwazaki retired in 1982 and became national coach in England, Canada, Germany and elsewhere. As of 2009, he coaches judo at International Budo University in Japan.

1981 World championship Maastricht - Gold
1976 Tournoi de Paris Paris - Bronze
1977 International tournament Budapest - Gold
1978 International tournament Budapest -Gold
1978 Jigoro Kano Cup Tokyo - Bronze
1979 International tournament Sancti Spiritus - Gold
1980 Pacific Rim Championship Honolulu - Gold
1982 Jigoro Kano Cup Tokyo - Gold

Yoko Tome Nage, Static Drills, Hand Manipulation, Leg Actions, Stepping Action, Cross Gripping and other entries, Hikkomi Gaeshi, Counters as opponent attempts a high and cross grip, Self Drills, Step Around Drills, Jigotai Kouchi Maki, Newaza, Choke and Armlock using your own jacket, One Arm Front Choke, Turnover From Bottom, Turnover Switch into Sumi-gaeshi with 4 variations including Controlling the Knee, Variations of Key Lock and Armbars.... and MUCH MORE!

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Judo Sacrifice Throw Seminar Katsuhiko Kashiwazaki