Jeet Kune Do 6 Vol Series by Jerry Poteet

Jeet Kune Do 6 Vol Series by Jerry Poteet

Featuring Jerry Poteet (an original student of Bruce Lee) and considered by many to be 'one of the most knowledgeable JKD men!'

Volume 1 demonstrations and combat applications of the JKD Lead Leg/Lead Hand Fighting Method; Economy of Motion Principles; JKD Jab vs. Boxing Jab; the Longest weapon to the Closest Target Concept; demonstrations of JKD simplicity; basic JKD Body Mechanics and more!

Volume 2 Bruce Lee's methods for developing power in punches & kicks. Includes the famous JKD Broken Rhythm Training Method; Focus Glove Impact Training; JKD Modified Boxing; the unique Inverted Kick; the JKD Short Arc Principle to develop maximum skill and more!

Volume 3 Bruce Lee's vital Energy Drills with various combat applications; the 'Chinatown Era Trapping' and much more!

Volume 4 the 'Essence of Jeet Kune Do'; demos & breakdowns of JKD Hand & Leg Attacks (Attack by Combinations); JKD Boxing Drills (Attack by Drawing); Chi Sao & Don Chi (Hand Immobilization Attack); Hand & Leg Application of Single Attack and the ultimate in finesse; Progressive Indirect Attack.

Volume 5 how to develop utmost potential with systematic training methods devised by Bruce Lee. Covers the Heavy Bag; Top & Bottom Bag; Wing Chun Dummy; Focus Gloves; Hanging Newspaper; Wrist Roller; Foot Obstruct Kicking Apparatus and much more!

Volume 6 top student Fran Joseph showing how men & women of smaller physical stature & children can effectively apply the Jeet Kune Do concepts in combat. Includes the JKD Eye jab; Progressive Impact Training; application of energy training on a larger opponent; power development utilizing unique body armor and much more!

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Jeet Kune Do 6 Vol Series by Jerry Poteet