Hung Gar Choy Lee Fut Series by Tiger Tam

Hung Gar Choy Lee Fut Series by Tiger Tam

Vol-1 SAM YIN KUEN (Three Form Fist) Hung Gar Kung Fu from Grandmaster Buck Sam Kong Contains many strikes “disguised,” one might say, as blocks. Within every block is a strike and when doing/learning the form one should pay attention to the hidden hands. Moves and techniques in the form come from three main animals: Tiger, crane and snake.

Vol-2 FU MEI DARN DAO (Techniques of Tiger Tail Broadsword) Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu set . Used for hacking and making blunt cuts whereas straight swords are used for paring. Applications/techniques of the sword most often used/shown against a spear. Sword whips like a tiger tail and action should be fluid and fast-paced and require nimble footwork. Techniques of the sword are designed to develop grace and fluidity with the weapon.

Vol-3 MUI FA SUP SAM CHEUNG (Applications of the Plum Blossom Spear) Plum Blossom Spear set is an intermediate/advanced weapon set that comes from the Choy Lee Fut system. It incorporates a variety of fighting techniques against another long weapon like the staff or spear.

TIGER TAM one of the top students of Sifu Seng Jeorng Au (Au's Shaolin Arts - Honolulu, HI) began training Kung Fu at the age of four. Inspired by the movie "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" she spent all of her free time training, competing and winning numerous tournaments throughout Hawaii and the mainland. Now a graduate from UCLA she is working in the motion picture industry as a martial arts coordinator, actor and director.

Au’s Shaolin Arts is a non-profit cultural arts and amateur athletic sports corporation dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the Martial and Healing Arts of the Shaolin Temple of China. ASA gives instruction in two styles of Traditional Southern Shaolin Kung Fu - Hung Gar and Choy Lee Fut (CLF) Kung Fu from Grandmaster Kong Buck Sam of Hawaii and for the more serious CLF practitioners, Choy Lee Fut from Grandmaster Chan Yong Fa of Australia.

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Hung Gar Choy Lee Fut Series by Tiger Tam

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