How to Defeat the Bigger Stronger Opponent 2

How to Defeat the Bigger Stronger Opponent 2

‘How to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent, Series 2′ includes 5 volumes with over 10 hours of instruction with absolutely no filler. This is hard-hitting material which you can watch one day and use on the mats the next day.

The mission of this instructional series is to give you the techniques and strategies you need to handle yourself when you’re grappling with a larger, stronger opponent. Everything is geared towards keeping you safe, and having a high-percentage game that you can rely on, even when the person you’re facing outweighs you by many pounds.

In this set Brandon teaches you his ‘go-to’ techniques in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step manner. These are the techniques he’s used on bigger people over and over and over, and at the highest levels of competition.

Brandon also takes you through the critical details – the hand positioning, the little hip movements, the adjustments – that make these techniques work against bigger, stronger opponents AND against his competitors at the highest levels of grappling competition in the world.

In addition to all this detail, every technique also includes full speed demos. And we also added in a TON of clips from tournaments, so you can see Brandon applying the very same techniques being taught in real life against resisting opponents.

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How to Defeat the Bigger Stronger Opponent 2

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